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We have the ability to locate a person within the country and abroad, including the ability to reach places around the world through our network of contacts. Also, if necessary make a legal delivery


"Esh Investigations" specializes in professional and discreet follow-up of the "target" in order to obtain information directly, honestly and truthfully accompanied with the proper evidence.

Frontal investigations

Investigations of people face-to-face, employee reliability checks and an investigation of company loyalty, or an investigation of a specific exceptional event to get the full picture.



A person stores a wide range of information which can interest us, but without a doubt, he will not simply volunteer it. Our skilled and well-trained interrogators know how to find the right approach and extract the most pertinent information.

Covert Investigations

An investigation carried out inconspicuously where the subject of the investigation is unaware of him actually being interrogated and in some cases also unaware of the fact of leaking valuable information. The purpose is to preserve the identity of the client, not to reveal the purpose of the investigation and to extract information from a person who refuses to give that information directly


Tests with a "truth machine" ‫in order to get a reliable result and confirmation that the person questioned is telling the truth. Our polygraph experts know how to perform tests at a high level of security and reliability


Sale of espionage equipment and anti-spyware

We offer a variety of electronic and advanced equipment for every need for covert photography or recording, wiretapping detection and also anti-spyware devices (anti-wiretapping)

Wiretapping tests

We know how to carry out a comprehensive test for wiretapping, locating electronic means for listening or recording and securing the company against the leakage of sensitive information

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